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This was Canada at its best. The Canadians at Vimy embodied the true north, strong and free." Image copyright PA Image caption Boots were laid at the site on Sunday to represent the Canadians killed in battle Vimy Ridge was an engagement during the Battle Of Arras, which lasted from 9 April to 16 May 1917 and involved British, Canadian and Australian troops. About 159,000 allied troops were killed, wounded or missing in the Battle of Arras. Mr Trudeau also paid tribute to those who fought, saying: "The burden, they bore. And, the country they made. "Because this, too, is why we're here. Why we remember." He said the monument was "symbolic of Canada's birth and our enduring commitment to peace", adding: "One hundred years later, we must say this, together. And we must believe it: Never again." Image copyright AFP Image caption Justin Trudeau and Francois Hollande in the Canadian military cemetery in Vimy Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is also in France for the commemorations in recognition of the 18,000 Scottish soldiers who died in the wider offensive. The fighting saw the highest concentration of Scots involved in any World War One campaign. Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption The princes listened as speeches were made Image copyright Reuters Image caption Canadian Governor General David Johnston joined them for a tour of the trenches Princes William and Harry laid a pair of boots at the site as part of a symbolic tribute to those killed. Along with their father, they also walked in the footsteps of the soldiers who took part in the battle by being given a guided tour of the preserved trenches.

Supreme Court nominee judge Neil Gorsuch smiles in reaction to a question as he testifies during the third day of his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. on March 22, 2017. REUTERS/Jim Bourg/File Photo More By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's U.S. Supreme Court appointee took the first of two oaths on Monday to be sworn in, with the private ceremony to be followed by another at the White House as new justice Neil Gorsuch restores the court's conservative majority. Trump earned the biggest political victory of his presidency and fulfilled a major campaign promise when the Republican-led Senate voted on Friday to confirm the federal appeals court judge from Colorado to the lifetime job. With Gorsuch, the court will have five conservative justices and four liberals. "He will be a great Justice," Trump said in a Twitter post on Saturday. "Very proud of him!" Gorsuch, 49, was the youngest Supreme Court nominee since Republican President George H.W. Bush in 1991 picked Clarence Thomas, who was 43 at the time.

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